The Earth of Gamma Bay is a terrible and strange place, haunted by monsters and hostile towards mankind. Animals and plant genetically engineered as food sources and organ donors have mutated rapidly into new and terrible new forms. This along with new diseases and creatures introduced by alien beings has created a brutal new order.
The world itself is hotter and wetter than it is in our age, with increased rainfall worldwide. With this comes riotous growing seasons as well as numerous new diseases and room for large fauna. Creatures considered as mere pests in our age such as insects and rats, are now big, nasty predators with little fear of man or mutant.
The seas are teeming with mutated life and wracked with fierce storms, as rising sea levels have created vast shallows that were once the land. These shallows are covered in dense kelp jungles and haunted by monstrous mutant creatures.

Gamma Bay